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Open Textbooks

  • StudentCSP for AP CS Principles - Student Edition
  • alexainspace for Alexa in Space
  • csawesome for AP CSAwesome
  • mobilecsp for Mobile CSP
  • FOPP-PIE for COMP 1000: Think Like a Computer
  • bluebook for Runestone Blue Book
  • complex for On Complexity
  • engr101umich for ENGR 101
  • technovation for Technovation
  • comp-expression for Runestone Interactive Overview
  • comp-justice for Runestone Interactive Overview
  • bridgesds for Data Structures and Algorithms
  • cppds for Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using C++
  • javads for Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Java
  • pythonds for Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures
  • pythonds3 for Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures 3rd edition
  • pythoned for Solución de problemas con algoritmos y estructuras de datos
  • MasteringDatabases for Mastering Relational Databases
  • practical_db for A Practical Introduction to Databases
  • Subgoals for Subgoals
  • csjava for CS Java
  • fopp for Foundations of Python Programming
  • foppff for Foundations of Python Programming
  • httlacs for How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
  • javajavajava for Java, Java, Java
  • thinkcpp for How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - C++
  • thinkcspy for How to Think like a Computer Scientist: Interactive Edition
  • welcomecs2 for Welcome to CS
  • ac1 for Introduction to Google Sheets and SQL
  • httlads for How to Think Like a Data Scientist
  • py4e-int for Python for Everybody - Interactive
  • JS4Python for JavaScript 4 Python Programmers
  • cpp4python for C++ for Python Programmers
  • java4python for Java for Python Programmers
  • AATA for Abstract Algebra
  • APEX for APEX Calculus
  • DiscreteMathText for Discrete Mathematics
  • ExcelCalculus for Business Calculus with Excel
  • ac-single for Active Calculus
  • acmulti for Active Calculus - Multivariable
  • ads for Applied Discrete Structures
  • dmoi for Discrete Mathematics
  • dmoi-4 for Discrete Mathematics
  • fcla for A First Course in Linear Algebra
  • int-algebra for Intermediate Algebra
  • linearpython for Linear Algebra
  • odeproject for The Ordinary Differential Equations Project
  • orcca for Open Resources for Community College Algebra
  • ula for Understanding Linear Algebra
  • CS1-Python-Subgoals for CS1 Python Subgoals
  • opensource for Open Source
  • peerplus for Runestone Peer Plus
  • pretextguide for The PreTeXt Guide
  • c3dnd for c3dnd
  • class-exp for class-exp
  • class-exp2 for class-exp2
  • class-ta for class-ta
  • class-tog for class-tog
  • dclass-exp for dclass-exp
  • p3dnd for p3dnd
  • p3dndta for p3dndta
  • p3pt for p3pt
  • p3tog for p3tog
  • python-swap for python-swap
  • python-swap2 for python-swap2
  • uc-python-swap2 for uc-python-swap2
  • webfundamentals for Fundamentals of Web Programming