C++ for Python Programmers

By Jan Pearce, Berea College and Brad Miller, Runestone

Reporting Typos or Other Problems

Thank you for your help in improving this text. If you find a typo or other problem, you can visit the Github issue tracker giving as much information as needed to understand the problem. If you include the URL of the page where the problem occurred, this is especially helpful. Alternatively, you can contact the author Jan Pearce via email.


https://www.berea.edu/csc/faculty-and-staff/dr-jan-pearce/ Many thanks to Runestone for creating a very strong framework for open source computing books. Many thanks also to Berea College’s Labor Program for making it possible for students to undergraduate students to receive funding to contribute.

Some sections of this book were originally written by Dr. Brad Miller as Java for Python Programmers. These were translated to the C++ language by Dr. Jan Pearce and a team of excellent students from Berea College. Other sections were originally written as course web pages by Dr. Jan Pearce.

We would like to extend a special note of gratitude to Jesse Walker-Schadler who had the vision to create the CTurtle library which makes graphing in C++ particularly easy for Python programmers because it used the Python Turtle library syntax, and for his excellent work in porting it to Runestone.

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